“I have been in the commercial real estate business for 35 years. As the Vice President of Property Management for a mid-sized commercial real estate company, my team and I work with a variety of different building contractors on a daily basis. OneService has from the beginning, delivered on their promises. Their staff are both trained and supervised. Their turnover is low and management is always available and responsive to our needs.”

Vice President of Property Management – Commercial Real Estate Firm – Owners, Managers, Developers

“I am the administrator of a large medical group with 6 offices. OneService cleans our offices on a nightly basis six times per week. Their ownership and management is very responsive to our ever constant needs and our frequent emergency service calls.”

Administrator of Large Affiliated Medical Group

“I am the facility manager for a high-end private school with a campus of several buildings. We have contracted OneService for a number of years as our custodial service. They are consistent and make every effort in delivering a quality service. I highly recommend them.”

Facility Manager – Multiple Building Educational Facility

“I am the facility manager for a international defense contractor. OneService was on-site when I accepted the position. At the time, I was not familiar with them. I am happy to say they are a valued part of our organization and my daily routine. Unusually, I am not interested in being a reference for a vendor, but with OneService, I have referred several industry colleagues in the past.”

Facility Manager – Industrial/Manufacturing Defense Contractor

As someone who has worked for you and with you I can say that you guys have always taken pride in your work, and ALWAYS take care of your employees which is amazing. Keep up the great work guys!

Christopher Campoverde

Wanted to share that we have been very happy with the quality of service and level of professionalism employed by your patrols thus far. I am confident that we made the right decision by going with OneService.

Regional Property Manager – Acadia Realty Trust

Thank You all! You guys are doing Great!!  Very professional and extremely responsive!!!

Steve O., Corporate Risk Management, Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace